Stahl Gear & Machine Co.

Servicing the industrial cut gear trade since 1917.

Custom gear manufacturing

We offer full custom gear cutting services at Stahl Gear & Machine Co. specializing in manufacturing a wide variety of gear types. Our capabilities include Spur, Cast Steel Helical, Steel Mill Reeler, Herringbone, Racks, Worms, Large Rawhide Pinion, Special Purpose Heavy Duty Spur Gears, Ground or Shaved Gears with crowning, bull, clutch, and deep cased mitre gears.

Experienced personnel

The management and engineering personnel at Stahl gear have accumulated 100 years of vast knowledge and experience in gear cutting. Our expertise makes complex requirements of today's industry a routine matter.

Emergency service

We understand that the importance of timelines for your projects is critical to the overall success of your business. We offer emergency and rush service for clients’ quick rebuilds, repairing, and gear failure analysis. We ensure to deliver the fastest solution for your project with quality services while also providing consulting on future upgrades for your business to meet your objective and deadlines by foreseeing any obstacles.

Quick processing

Looking for custom material and a quick turnaround? We have at our swift disposal materials to meet the needs of custom products as well as standard gear patterns thanks to our vast warehouse. We have thousands of pounds of rolled and forged steel and large quantities of rawhide and Bakelite materials as well as standard gear patterns in the thousands at our disposal for rapid order processing to meet your time constraints.

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