Stahl Gear

Serving the industrial cut gear trade since 1917

   Welcome to Stahl Gear & Machine Company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Currently servicing the entire United States. We offer full custom gear cutting services including but not limited to spur, cast steel helical gears, steel mill reeler, herringbone, racks, worms, large rawhide pinion, special purpose heavy duty spur gears, ground or shaved gears with crowning, bull, clutch, and deep cased mitre gears.

   The management and engineering personnel at Stahl gear have accumulated a vast knowledge and experience in gear cutting that makes complicated requirements of today's industry a routine matter.

   Our expertise in manufacturing special gears ranges from precision gears used in air conditioners for high-altitude planes to gears and involute splines used by shipbuilders, steel mills, and pump companies.

   Emergency and rush service also benefit our clientele by providing quick rebuilds, repairing, analysis, and consulting on future upgrades or ways to avoid problems.

   We warehouse thousands of pounds of rolled and forged steel and quantities of rawhide and Bakelite materials ready for quick processing of your order, not to mention the thousands of standard gear patterns available.  

    We Offer Various Materials, Including:

spur gear, herringbone gears, clutch gears

Member of the American Gear Manufacturers Association

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