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Double Helical Pinion Gear


Helical Gear

A Helical Gear is a cylinder with teeth that spiral around the diameter, instead of being straight (as in a spur gear). Helical gears usually turn shafts that are parallel to one another. Helical gears will run smoother and quieter than spur gears.

We have the capacity to manufacture helical gears as small as less than an inch in diameter to larger than 100ā€ in diameter. We can make helical gears integrated (as in one piece) with a shaft. The gear teeth can be hob cut, or for greater precision, the gear teeth can be ground.

Double Helical Gear

A Double Helical Gear is another name for a herringbone gear (a side by side combination of two helical gears of opposite hands).

Double Helical Pinion

A Double Helical Pinion (or a herringbone pinion) is a cylinder with external involute radial teeth that spiral around the circumference from each end to meet angles forming a “v” in the center. The most popular helix angle is 30 in a Double helical pinion. Often there is a groove between the two sets of teeth. Double helical and herringbone are two names for the same type of gear. Herringbone usually refers to a gear or pinion with a 30 helix angle with a minimal groove between the sets of teeth (usually about 1/2″ or so) or no groove at all. Double helical usually refers to a gear with a very wide groove between the two sets of teeth (maybe 2″ or 4″ or even more) and usually with some other helix angle other than 30 (often an odd helix angle (not an even angle) like 22 41 12″ or whatever). Double helical pinion can be made from customer-supplied materials, as well as materials provided by Stahl Gear & Machine Co.

Stahl Gear & Machine Co can custom manufacture or repair your helical gear and pinion for almost any application.

If you are looking for custom made manufacturing services of worms gears or emergency repairs, contact us for more information or to schedule your service.

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