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Helical Pinion Gear


Helical Gear

The Helical Gear offers a refinement over the typical spur gear. The leading edge of each tooth is not parallel to the axis it’s rotating on. The teeth engage gradually. The construction is more mechanically sound. Stahl gear can custom manufacture or repair your cast steel helical gears for almost any application. Stahl Gear & Machine can manufacture helical gears using customer-provided material, or if you prefer, we can supply the necessary metal or plastic to meet the client’s needs.

Helical Pinions

Helical Pinions mate with helical gears which are cylinders with external involute radial teeth that spiral around the circumference. Helical pinions offer a refinement on the typical spur gear. Helical pinions can be made from customer-supplied materials, as well as materials provided by Stahl Gear & Machine Co.

If you are looking for custom made manufacturing services of worms gears or emergency repairs, contact us for more information or to schedule your service.

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